At the edge of the « Ranelagh garden », located in the 16th district of Paris, lies a floral room prepared to mesmerize your eyes…

Warm and welcoming, that place devotes itself being family-oriented and having a true passion for plants. Since the beginning, Natur’elle works on its uniqueness creating aspirations from original floral designs that stand out from others by focusing on quality and collaborations with exceptionnal craftsmen.

The look of the place quickly seems to turn into a romantic garden, that bears a bunch of flowers!

Where garden roses, tuberous roots, wild mint, myrtle and jasmine mingle in an exquisite floral combination that adorn and perfume the space to make Natur’elle unrivalled and genuine…

This small corner of paradise is well and truly a boutique !
For twenty years, that passion and expertise are fully at your disposal for the best.

We are working on our originality by paying a close attention when it comes to plants selection, carefully chosen at the « Rungis Market ». We collaborate as a priority with french horticulturists and very especially those established in Paris region in order to assure the freshness of our flowers.